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Hello blog!

Long time no speak. Hope you and your loved ones had an amazing Christmas filled with happiness and love. I know I’m a little late with this but all the best in the New Year!:)

Like some of you probably already know I am absolutely obsessed with perfume. If you don’t know what to get me for Christmas/birthday or any other occasion then perfume is always a good idea :)
Strangely enough I have never bought or got Versace before so I treated myself to: Versace miniature collection. It consists of 5 different scents (Versense, Crystal Noir, Bright Crystal, Yellow Diamond, Vanitas) in the original bottles. They look very cute and because they are so small you can put the in even the tiniest clutch bag.
The great thing about these mini versions is that you can get to know the scent well but if you don’t like it you don’t throw away the whole bottle. I really want to fall in love with all the scents but we’ll see. So far I’ve been using Bright Crystal and I think it’s beautiful, very delicate.
If you want to review any of the above let me know! :)



Versace Versace

PS. The handbags you asked about: navy in the right corner and the orange one from the bottom. :)



How to find a perfect handbag?

Hello blog!

Sorry for posting so late but (surprise, surprise!) I had a really busy day. In the morning (after cuddling with my little cat!:D )I met up with a friend of mine for breakfast and coffee. We had a nice, long, girly talk and I got a lovely Christmas present from her. Thanks P., lucky me to have such amazing friends.:)
Later on I wanted to donate blood. I’ve started doing that just when I turned 18. I wasn’t allowed to do it the last 2 times because of bad results. I was hoping it would work this time but it didn’t… ;/ It’s not that the results are really bad or something but they have to be perfect if you’re donating blood. Shame… Those of you who can, go and do it! You can save a life. :) I’ll try again in February, fingers crossed :)
I got another 2 presents for Christmas so I’ve only got 2 to go! Finally, because I am slowly getting sick of shopping and that’s never a good sign!:P

Today I wanted to concentrate on handbags, to help one of my readers choose her perfect one! Last year I had a really big problem finding one for me, that’s why I feel you. :) Here are some ideas how to pick a perfect one!

1. Choose the right size.

I need my everyday bag to be quite big for all my stuff (books, calendar, phone, keys, makeup bag, small bottle of water, perfume etc.) and at the same time I don’t want to look like I’m carrying an overstuffed sack. Be careful with big bags though! If you’re very short and small, you might not look very good carrying a bag bigger than you. Watch those proportions! :)

2. What clothes do you wear?

What type of clothes do you wear? If you style is toned-down you might want a bag which will stand out a little.

3. Universal?

I like when my bag matches my shoes but we usually have more shoes than bags. Remember that black and brown usually go with everything. :)

4. Watch the handles!

I don’t think you want to be tripping over your bag. :S

I hope I helped at least a bit! Do you guys have any tips how to find the perfect handbag? Feel free to share with all of us. :)

Good night,



I picked some I like- most of them are from Topshop / Dorothy Perkins / H&M. If you found one you like then let me know and I’ll tell you where it’s from or give you the link. <3


How to boost your immunity with food

Hello everyone!

Last night it wasn’t exactly the best idea to go out. I met my friend and it was really lovely because we haven’t seen each other for a while so we had a lot of catching up to do. :) Unfortuantely, before we met we haven’t decided where to go and ended up going for a 2 hour walk. Not the best idea for my throat apparently because today I woke up feeling really sick. I’ve got a cold and fever which is not so great as we only have 1 WEEK until Christmas!:)
This is also why I decided to write this post today. Winter is the time where we need to take special care of ourselves and be careful not to catch a cold.
“You are what you it” – I strongly believe that’s true so here’s a list of thing we should eat to help our immune system.

1. Yogurt
2. Tea
3. Garlic – protects your body against bacterial and viral infections, and doesn’t have the side effects antibiotics do.
4. Mushrooms – they are the main source of mineral enhancing the immune system – zinc. Eating mushrooms can help fight diseases and improve your resistance.
5. Cauliflower and brussels sprouts – I really hate brussels sprouts so I stick to the cauliflower. :)
6. Dark chocolate – awesome right?!

I’m going to start with tea with honey! Hope I feel better tomorrow! :<


PS. Alma, a post about bags tomorrow ! :)


Ways to wear a summer dress in winter

Hello everyone!

A really funny thing happened to me today. I was on my way to uni and I really didn’t feel like going so as a joke I texted my friend if by any chance the classes were cancelled today. He text me back saying, “well I got a message from her so yeah they are”. Huh? Wth?! They actually were and he just forgot to tell the others!:D Really happy that I sent that text I got off the bus and went back home! :D
Anyway I had a lot of free time today so I was looking through my computer folders and found what I’m about to show you. I like to put bits and pieces together to help my imagination picture what would look good with what. I don’t have the money to buy new stuff all the time so here are a few ideas how you can use your summer dresses in winter without people looking at you like you’re crazy. :) Winter is tough we all want to look good but at the same time not feel too cold. Hope this helps a little, the last set is more for fall. :)
Set 1


Set 3

Let me know in the comments which set you liked best.
I’m going to get ready to meet a friend of mine that I haven’t seen in ages. :)

Have a good afternoon! :)



Health shake!

Good morning everyone!:)

I think I know I felt bad yesterday! Today I woke up with a terrible sore throat. At least the rest of my body feels fine so my throat definitely won’t stop me from everything I have planned for today! :)
First of all I tried something for the first time and wanted to share it with you. For breakfast I had a green smoothie (also called a health shake) and I have never had one or made one before.
I found many recipes yesterday but I really didn’t want mine to taste like grass so I added a few things of my own. Now that it’s winter in Poland I also couldn’t find the ingredients used in some of the recipes. Honestly I really like the effect that I got with mine.
Oh, and preparation time? 10 minutes! :)

1 cup of baby spinach
1 chopped frozen banana
1 apple
1 teaspoon of lemon (be careful not to use too much!)
1 cup of almond milk
1/4 cup of mint leaves

Blend it until smooth and voilà! :)
It’s easy to make, it’s healthy, it looks good and tastes even better!

Hope you enjoy it! :)


My first green smoothie!:)


Winter outfit

Hello Readers!

Woke up feeling really sick today!:( I was supposed to meet my friend for a coffee but I didn’t feel well enough to get out of bed. I slept for another 2 hours and woke up feeling much better. I took a shower and now I have to run to take care of some stuff!:)

Here’s what my todays outfit more or less looks like (sorry, working on my camera!).

My winter outfit

Sweater from H&M / Bag from Mohito / Jewellery leggings and shoes from New Look

Have a good Sunday my lovelies!





Hello blog!

Just a quick note to let you know that I have finally been successful!:) After a couple of hours I found a coat which I really liked but and it was the only one left in the shop! So lucky it was my size! :)

I also managed to get some Christmas presents for my loved ones so I’m a happy girl tonight!:) I took a hot shower and now I’m getting my nails done because lately they desperately needed to be taken care of!

Have a great evening!



nighty night


Winter dresses

Good morning beautiful world!

I went to bed past 2 last night but I got up early, took a shower, now I’m having some green tea and I’m off to the gym. :)
I don’t always have time to walk around shops so I find many things online, then check them out in a shop when I have time. Lately I started enjoying wearing dresses which I never really liked too much. Who says you can’t wear dresses during winter?! If you know what to wear them with to keep you warm then why not?! Here’s a list of my favourite dresses for this winter! :)

H&M Topshop H&M 15.3 15.7 15.8 15.5As you can see I like plain dresses which I can decorate with jewellery!:)

Do you have a favourite? Or maybe you found a dress which is a must have for all of us? Let me know what you think! ;) Have a lovely weekend!



Friday the 13th

Hello Readers!

Got my deal of sleep today and it felt so good!
It’s Friday the 13th! Are you superstitious? I’m not, but the number 13 feels bittersweet to me. My baby brother was born on the 13th but also exactly 1 year ago my beloved grandma passed away. :(
It’s going to be difficult to take my mind off that today, but I’ll have someone to help me. I’m meeting a friend of mine in the shopping centre and together we’ll look for Christmas presents and I’ll try to find a winter coat. Grrrr, I’ve been looking forever and found nothing so far!
Hope today is my lucky day! I’ll let you know what I got later on. :)


Today bloggg blogggg bloggggg

PS. Sorry for the quality, I really need to buy a good camera! :s


Boost that metabolism!

Now that I’ve become a little crazy with exercising I’m also trying to increase my metabolism. I think you will agree with me that during winter our motivation goes from 100% to 20%. I guess it’s normal because we wear these big sweats, big coats and our bodies are not that exposed. You can’t really tell whether it’s a wooly cardigan or extra 3 kg.
For those of you who don’t want that to join me and stop that from happening this year I made a list of snacks that you can chew on when you feel hungry. Not only are they healthy but the speed up your metabolism.

1. dried apricots and prunes – those should be good for those of you craving something sweet
2. cabbage
3. avocado
4. pickled vegetables
5. bean sprouts
6. bran – you can buy fruit flavoured bran bars which are delicious!

Ok, I know hot chocolate with marshmallows sounds better but let’s give it a try, shall we? :)

Have a lovely evening,


PS. J. I posted the answer to your question in Q&A. :)


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